“Would You Give These Three a Family?”

When God calls us beyond our limits, how do we respond?

Steven and Chelsea set a good example when they were called to three international adoptions (rather than the one domestic adoption they had planned). Their plan: Reflect on the promises He’s kept. Look back at His faithfulness. Remind ourselves of who He is.

In Chelsea’s words…

We never planned to adopt internationally due to the high cost.

Instead, we were waiting and waiting for a domestic placement. But then God presented an opportunity entirely outside of our plans, as He so often does.

We got an email from a friend in the adoption world with pictures of three sweet sisters from Colombia.

“Would you give these three a family?” our friend asked.

We so much wanted to say yes, but when we saw the cost, we nearly said no. How could we afford this?

But we had already seen God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Especially in our first adoption. So we said yes, knowing he would provide. And Lifesong was a beautiful part of His provision. Without Lifesong’s help and the support of our family and friends, we could not have brought home our beautiful daughters. We are so thankful for Lifesong’s faithfulness!

The matching grant support materials provided us with an easy, stress-free way to reach out to family and friends. We would have found it difficult and awkward to ask them for money on our own, but Lifesong made the process simple and straightforward. And so many of them wanted to give and support us!



God’s timing was miraculous.

Looking back, we can clearly see He was at work from the beginning.

In early 2016, we began to pray about our first adopted child’s future siblings. We prayed that wherever they were, that they would be safe, loved, and cared for. Little did we know, around that same time, our future daughters were removed from an unsafe situation into a wonderful orphanage where their hearts were well prepared to join a forever family.


We encourage you to look back on God’s faithfulness, remind yourself of His promises, and follow His leading. And we’re here to help! We provide matching grants, loans, and fundraising support so you can focus on what really matters: bringing your child home.



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