What Good Could Come From a Miscarriage?

How can God take something tragic and bring about something beautiful?

Broken childhoods, infertility & miscarriage, heartache & loss. No one would choose to experience hardship. But God proves Himself faithful through every up and down.

The Kelly Family, recipients of a Lifesong matching grant, have seen this firsthand. The following is their adoption journey in their words–

Our story began about 5 1/2 years ago.

I was sitting in church one Sunday listening to another momma talk about her adoption. As I listened, I heard the Lord whisper, “This will be you.” I shook it off, but I kept hearing again and again, “This will be you. Her story will be your story, and you’ll share your story.”

So, having sensed God’s call, we began the adoption process.


Kelly Family Story

Kelly Family Story Want to learn more about adoption? Head over to http://orphancarealliance.org/ for more information!

Posted by Southland Christian Church on Monday, June 4, 2018


“God Pays For That Which He Orders”

We had never really discussed adoption or prepared (financially) for it, so when God said go, we knew that the He was going to have to show up in a big way to make this happen. He did! It was incredible, humbling, awe-inspiring, and the most beautiful thing to see people step forward to care for orphans in the way in which they were called.

A pastor at our church always says, “God pays for that which He orders.” He did big time in our case! We had people we didn’t even know providing financial support through the process. Every penny was available when it was needed! Our bank accounts would have never been able to carry the finances needed to fund our adoption, but God showed up. We quickly learned that in the leap of faith of adoption, sometimes it’s just not going to all make sense beforehand.




Battling Doubts

We got the call about our son early one morning. The woman at the agency said they had a file for me–the file that every adoptive family waits for. In it, we saw his little face and pictures and videos. And we saw the circumstances in which he was found. That’s when the gravity of it all just hit us.

Even after receiving the file, we still wondered if God wanted us to do this. Was this really who He had for us?

That night, I read through my journal that I kept through the whole adoption process. I wrote about a miscarriage we had, and I noticed that our son was actually found and taken into care on the exact same day we experienced the miscarriage.

It was a total beauty from ashes moment. God took that miscarriage and, in its place, brought us a new life. That confirmed all the more that he was meant to be our son, and we were completely comfortable moving forward from then on. 


A Sweet Homecoming

Our son was met by so much love the day we finally got to hold and see him. We had prayed so fiercely for in the months leading up to meeting him. He is an absolute joy and brings so much laughter into our lives. His siblings and their friends all dote on him. Our friends and family couldn’t be more supportive. We still can’t believe we get to be his family and that God chose us. And that we were brave enough (and perhaps, crazy enough) to say YES to adoption!


Considering Saying “YES” to Adoption?

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