God Keeps Building His Ministry in Zambia!

God has built amazing things in Zambia! And with your support, the work continues.


Here’s a recent update from our team–

Building Kingdom Men

In early July, 74 young men from our Student Life program gathered for a weekend-long men’s retreat. The theme–Kingdom Men–focused on breaking away from Satan’s lies in the culture around them. Using Dr. Tony Evans’ book No More Excuses as the weekend’s foundation, various talks covered areas like alcohol, drugs, pornography, and respecting women.

The topic was extremely relevant. In the nearby compound (a local village known for its violence and crime), Satan’s lies run rampant, and many of these young men are taught only that version of manliness. Having witnessed most of the behaviors they addressed, the talks hit close to home.

Many young men opened up spiritually, and–praise God–three eighth-grade boys made the decision to follow Christ!


Ministry leader Brent Baker praying over the young men.
A panel of men took questions about anything and everything for over an hour-and-a-half. The young men were eager to learn.


Building Job Skills

The vocational training program is moving along well! Highly qualified teachers instruct in the areas of agriculture, auto mechanics/engineering, and hospitality/food production. There are three students enrolled in the auto mechanics program, where they hope to earn a lead mechanic certificate. Many others participate in other areas of the program.

This vocational training is incredibly valuable to youth in Zambia. Not only does it equip them with useful skills, but it connects them to potential employers, giving them bright hope for their futures.


Students in the auto mechanic program learn in a high-quality facility.
Vocational students also have the option of learning agriculture.


Building Partnerships: Zambia x Ukraine

Leaders from Lifesong Ukraine recently spent two weeks in Zambia to help bolster the farm by teaching farm management and new techniques. These Ukrainian farm leaders and orphan graduates have learned successful farming practices–like hydroponics–and have shown ongoing support to the project in Zambia by sharing their knowledge and skills.

The advanced hydroponics system (a process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil) is up and running. This system simplifies and takes most of the guesswork out of the entire process.

The two teams planted all the strawberries and raspberries by the end of the trip, totaling 2 acres of strawberries and a half-acre of raspberries. Each week, the team harvests 1,000 lbs. of produce, and that number increases 5-10% each week! Praise God for connecting these two teams–separated by over 4,000 miles and an ocean–by His mission and purpose.


Our Ukrainian leaders with Zambian staff.
The hydroponics system uses coconut husks rather than soil. Each plant grows in the husks, located in white planters (pictured).


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