It Was Instant Love

Love at first sight.

It’s the stuff of fairy tales and romantic comedies… right?

Believe in it or not, nearly all parents talk about this feeling. When their son or daughter is born, many birth parents mention the instant love they had for their child. And the same often holds true for adoptive parents upon seeing their son or daughter for the first time.

It was certainly the case for William and Paige, who met their daughter less than 24 hours after they found out about her. This is their story. 

We had an excellent experience with Lifesong, and we were so excited to be awarded the matching grant.

The most helpful part of Lifesong was their quick response to the birth of our daughter. She was born in mid-August, and we received the placement call late in the evening she was born. We had less than 24 hours from we found out we were going to be parents to when we were signing papers and meeting our daughter.




I spoke with Lifesong as soon as the office opened the next morning and the funds were available to us within hours! We were so grateful for this as we needed the funds up front prior to signing paperwork.

God’s provision throughout our entire journey to grow our family was absolutely incredible. He provided financially and spiritually during a challenging time.

Because everything happened so fast with our first daughter, we didn’t have the time to be nervous or anxious about preparing ahead of time. We got the phone call and jumped into action just as parents would. When we finally got to meet our daughter, it was instant love. God has provided ease with bonding, donor breast milk to provide sustenance for our baby girl, and love and support from everyone around us.




If our journey wasn’t crazy enough, just 6 months later, through private adoption, God blessed us with a second daughter. Just one year ago, we had no idea what God’s plans were for our family. Now we have a beautiful 9-month-old and 3-month-old. God is so good!

Pursuing Adoption?

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