Connections That Led to Confidence

God often calls adoptive families to extreme lengths.

And sometimes, because choosing the hard road is so contrary to our human nature, it’s easy to fall prey to doubts and concerns. But God, who became fully human for us, knows every one of those doubts and concerns. And He gives the confidence and confirmation we need to keep us pressing into His will.

The following adoptive family had this experience. In the mom’s words–

Time was approaching for us to travel to bring our son home.

And the pressure to fund our travel was mounting. When we learned we had received a matching grant from Lifesong just weeks before we left, we were thrilled! Although we were unsure if we could raise the “match” in such a short amount of time, God was faithful and the money came in.

We experienced the blessing of our friends and family supporting us by sending funds to Lifesong. The match from Lifesong almost fully funded our in-country expenses. What a blessing to not have to pay credit card debt once home with our son! Now we can focus on meeting his needs with no other financial burdens, while also focusing on attachment and healing.


Connected with Henry

Our big God-story was how we came to be matched with our son. We had been waiting for a little over 2 months for a match when our agency sent us the file of a little girl. After researching more about her and her needs, we made the difficult decision that we were not her parents.

But, as we researched her, we found she was being cared for at Little Flower, a children’s home in China. While on their website, we saw a little boy who piqued our interest. We emailed our agency who then emailed the agency that had his file.



In the meantime, I was telling a friend about this little boy and Little Flower. She recalled that a friend of hers had spent a year working with children in China and thought maybe it was at Little Flower. She reached out to her friend and mentioned Little Flower and the little boy. Her friend replied that our little guy had been her favorite little boy at Little Flower, and yes, she would highly recommend we do everything possible to bring this little boy home.

In the end, it was this connection that gave us the confidence to move forward with pursuing our son in spite of some unknown aspects about him. We had confidence and confirmation from God that he was our son.

Feeling Called to Adoption?

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