Connected to a Bigger Picture

Like you, we love hearing how God provides for waiting children and adoptive families.

Where He leads, He provides.

We received the following note from a family who received a matching grant and brought their precious little girl home from Nigeria.

In Rachel’s words— 

Adoption is much more challenging than I could’ve imagined.

We are so grateful to Lifesong for offering a reprieve during this long process!

We were humbled that a church in our community that we did not personally know chose to extend a matching grant. It made us feel connected to a bigger picture and supported.

We never had to stress about the finances. God saw us through every time. Every deadline, He showed up. It allowed us so much peace.

Thank you so much.



Connected to a Bigger Picture

Rachel mentioned in her note that her family received help from a church in their community that they didn’t know personally. We believe this connectedness is God’s good design—especially since the Church is the solution to the orphan crisis.

With this in mind, we’d love to help you start an adoption fund at your church. The good news: We’ll help—and it’s free.

In partnership with churches like yours, we—

Our adoption funds are completely free and administratively simple. Meaning 100% of donations received by Lifesong go directly to cover the adoption expenses. We’ll handle the administrative side of things for you so that you can continue to focus on helping and encouraging your families.

Together with you, we want to help Christian families—like Rachel’s—overcome the financial barrier to adoption so that children all over the world who need families will have them.

So far—through church adoption funds—over 6,500 children have come home to Gospel-loving families around the country. We’d like to help your church be part of the bigger picture—making children sons and daughters.