How Your Church Can Support Adoption Today

Today, we’re honored to partner with 454 churches and adoption fund partners whose goal it is to help bring children home. This network of adoption funds spans 44 states, and each one is passionate about reaching orphans globally and supporting adoptive families.

Hear from one family who has been deeply impacted—

Meet Jonathan & Lindsey

Like many newlyweds, Jonathan and Lindsey dreamed of starting a family.

But after 5 years of waiting and praying for children, they were at their lowest point. Their marriage and their lives were suffering as a result of infertility. Finally, Jonathan turned to his wife and said the words that would change the course of their journey—

“All these doors are shutting. Let’s stop trying to do it our way and let’s do it God’s way.”

Together, they knew they were supposed to adopt.

38% of practicing Christians—like Jonathan and Lindsey—have seriously considered adoption, but only 5% of practicing Christians have actually adopted. Why?—one of the most common barriers is funding.

Our recent survey of families found that less than 7% of families feel like they can afford an adoption. Jonathan and Lindsey were understandably overwhelmed by the barriers, and so they reached out to someone they knew they could trust.

They contacted their church who put them in touch with His Kids Ministry of First Baptist Orlando.

Meet His Kids Ministry

In a recent message preached at First Baptist Orlando, Senior Pastor David Uth encouraged his church by saying, “James 1:27 wasn’t written to just a committee in the church. It was written to the whole church. And there’s a way for all of us to do it.”

And he meant every word. First Baptist Orlando actively and passionately supports fatherless children and adopting families.

Specifically, His Kids Ministry is the adoption and foster care ministry of First Baptist Orlando. Led by Charlie Cramer, His Kids Ministry is a Lifesong church fund partner and a powerful advocate for children and families in need.

The His Kids team consists of adoptive parents, foster parents, and adoption/foster care professionals. Their desire is to engage and encourage families on the journey.

To date, the ministry has helped 61 children and 34 families—changed by the love of Jesus for generations to come.

In Charlie Cramer’s words,

“Our goal is to minister to as many couples as possible, and Lifesong has taken our funding assistance to another level.”

Adopting families desperately need their church to come alongside them. And just like Pastor David Uth said, there’s a role for all of us to play.

When Jonathan and Lindsey reached out to His Kids Ministry, they received the help and support they needed at a critical time in their lives, and today, Jonathan and Lindsey are the parents of two beautiful children.

Church adoption funds have helped bring 6,500 children home, including Jackson from China.

Start an adoption fund at your church

Here at Lifesong, we believe the Church is the solution to the orphan crisis. And local churches—specifically—are uniquely equipped to reach specific families in their church congregation and to walk with them through the adoption process in a long-term, personal way.

We also believe money should never be a barrier to adoption.

So in partnership with churches like yours, we—

  • screen families
  • process donations
  • manage adoption funds
  • offer free fundraising tools that equip families to share their story to raise support
  • provide support before, during, and after an adoption is complete

Our adoption funds are completely free and administratively simple. Meaning 100% of donations received by Lifesong go directly to cover the adoption expenses. We’ll handle the administrative side of things for you so that you can continue to focus on helping and encouraging your families.

Together with you, we want to help Christian families—like Jonathan and Lindsey—overcome the financial barrier to adoption so that children all over the world who need families will have them.

So far—through church adoption funds—6,500 children have come home to Gospel-loving families around the country. We’d like to help your church be part of the solution to the orphan crisis and help adopting families.

Your church can support adoption.