The Perfect Author Wrote Their Story

Every family you come across has a different story. And in each of these, we see God–the perfect author–orchestrating unique details. With the help of a Lifesong matching grant, Emmi became a part of her family’s story. Her father, Kyle, shared about their journey–


I don’t even know where to begin. God was so faithful in this entire process.

My wife and I had discussed adoption our entire marriage. We had always leaned toward international but always used finances as our barrier. Many times during our process, I had to repent of my sin of unbelief and not trusting God to fund this adoption.

But as He always does, He provided exceedingly above anything we could have hoped or asked for. He has been so gracious to us in bringing Emmi to our family.



If you asked my wife and I about our experience in China, you would think we were on two different trips. But we would both agree that it was amazing and life-changing. It was everything you would hope and pray it to be, but more.

After arriving late Saturday evening, we finally got Emmi on Monday afternoon. She seemed in a state of shell-shock for the first 2-3 days, but she slowly warmed to us. And once we flew to Guangzhou, it was as if she knew she was starting a new life with her family. We loved her immediately, and she bonded and attached to us quickly.


Unexpected Travels

Outside of His constant provision, our unexpected trip to Emmi’s orphanage shows God’s hand in our adoption. After getting Emmi on Monday, our guide showed up in our hotel room on Tuesday evening. He told us we would have to travel 5 hours to her orphanage the next day to complete some paperwork. This was unexpected, stressful, and cost an additional $1000. We were nervous, and it was hard.

But looking back now, I am so glad we got to go. We received pictures, information, and stories that are invaluable, and will hopefully be helpful to her one day. It was a small orphanage in a somewhat rural town, but since we have come home, my wife has connected with several other families who have adopted from there. They have been able to share stories and pictures.



Settling In

Since we have been home, we’ve seen how perfectly Emmi fits into our family. She has a very funny and outgoing personality. Everyone in our family, church, school, and neighborhood love her to death. She has had two surgeries to repair her cleft lip and palate. She looks so beautiful. We could not be more thankful to God for all of the great things He has done.

How complete strangers can give so generously to change a kid and family’s life is further evidence of God’s grace, goodness, and generosity. Thank you!


Kyle’s testimony reinforces that the adoption process requires trust, patience, and flexibility.  Though things rarely go as planned, we can be certain of this: God works all things together for good, and the story He writes is for our lives is far better than anything we can comprehend or imagine.