Hear from Sponsored Children in Ukraine

Ever wonder if sponsorship really makes a difference in the life of a child?


Orphaned children in Ukraine are given the opportunity to write letters back and forth with their sponsor, and here’s what they have to say about it–

When I got my first letter from the sponsor, I was so surprised to know there was someone praying for me! –*Dima, age 15


I can open my heart to my sponsor and share prayer requests. And I know that I’ll be heard. –Diana, age 15


Meet *Alina

13-year-old Alina has 2 brothers and a sister.

When the children were little, their dad went to jail and their mom started drinking often and letting men into their house. These behaviors led to neglect, and finally, social services intervened and took all 4 children to the orphanage.

Recently Alina and her siblings were welcomed into a Christian foster family in Ukraine, and Alina now attends church with them. Here is what she writes–

I like to write letters to my sponsor who is also my prayer partner. I’m always happy to receive letters back. When [my sponsor] sent me the first letter, I didn’t know her, but now it seems like she is my close friend! She is nice, kind, and sympathetic.


Because every orphaned child has a heartbreaking story, sponsorship from caring people like you gives the children vital prayer support and hope.

*Children’s names have been changed due to Ukrainian laws regarding sharing names and photos online.

**Letter writing is available with sponsor children in Ukraine, Zambia, Bolivia, and Uganda.


Change a life.