God Is Doing Big Things in Zambia!

Thanks to your continued support and sponsorship of children in Zambia, we have this exciting update to share with you from the team–


We have BIG news!

Earlier this month, we received official recognition that our new Lifesong Vocational School is officially registered and approved with the Zambian government! This is great news for our students. It means many students who cannot or do not go to college will now have an opportunity to to take vocational classes to strengthen their employable skills to build an employable future!

This approval comes after much work, prayer, and investment from many people like you, and we are grateful. We are approved right now, but we will officially launch in January.


In the School

We have 3 primary areas of focus for the 2-year certification study program. These include auto mechanics, agriculture, and food production. At a lower certification level we are also able to offer electrical, block laying/concrete, and carpentry. Our intent is to welcome both male and female students.

Our registration also allows us to add additional programming easily as we identify areas of interest that are appealing to our students and find additional lecturers. We are very grateful for the many Christian lecturers that God has already provided, including a seasoned mechanic who was the founding teacher and mentor from the top mechanics program in Zambia, a licensed architect to assist in construction-related programs, and a veterinarian who has volunteered to work with our students learning animal husbandry.

Please pray for God to be at work in the students He intends to be recipients of this new program. We already have at least 6 we know of, and likely at least that many more that will be identified during this last term of the school year.


On the Farm

We also have good news from the farm!

We have been running a test tunnel at our farm to experiment with hydroponics. In continued partnership with Plant Sciences, we are working with Lifesong Farms Ukraine to refine and expand our approaches and opportunities to invest in our ministry here for sustainability in orphan care. The farm creates opportunity for orphans, orphan grads, and caregivers to strengthen their skills and find work that will provide for their needs.

Hydroponics is cutting edge technology for Zambia, and it has been very exciting to see new opportunities for production, quality of fruit, and especially opportunities to learn for our students and staff.

Please pray for the success of this research and the exciting opportunities to come in successive years to implement what we learn.


With the Students

God continues to work in the lives of the students we love and serve!

We are in the process of seeking God’s path for our 2017 graduates. Several of them are now able to enroll in our vocational program for 2019, and some of our graduates will attend college. Please pray for these students as we meet with each of them and try to guide them in seeking God’s best path for their lives. God has graciously used the 2018 gap year program to help these students draw nearer to Him through training in Biblically-based discipleship and missionary work. They have received this training at Operation Mobilization (OM) here in Zambia.

It has been wonderful to hear their stories of ministry, including outreach and decisions made for Jesus! Because of this, we have decided to include this gap year programming for all of our graduates in years to come. What a great way to launch them forward in an intentional and healthy way!

Please pray for our 2018 graduates who will move into this programming in January.

It’s clear that God is working here in Zambia, and we’re grateful for partners like YOU who help make this mission possible.


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