Guest post by Loving Shepherd Ministries

Adoption can be an overwhelming process, and it’s ever-changing. Recent slow-downs in many countries and a vast number of agencies to choose from (both international and domestic) can lead you to ask questions like: Where do we even begin? What is the best fit for our family? How can we ensure that we’re taking the right steps forward and not wasting time, money and energy?

Finding up-to-date resources and support can make all the difference in your adoption experience. What often feels like an overwhelming journey can become an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness in your family’s story.

But how to begin? Here are three simple steps to get you started and a reminder that you are not alone.


Pray - Where do I start? An Adoption Guide


1. Pray

Prayer is a life-changing and life-giving part of the journey. As you sift through massive amounts of information, don’t forget that the One who led you here will lead you through.

  • Pray for discernment as you evaluate your motives and expectations for adopting.
  • Pray that you and your spouse will have the strength and patience to wait on God’s timing (amidst the unknown timelines that often occur.)
  • Pray for the birth parents of your child.
  • Pray for the child God intends for your family. Pray that He would comfort and heal any wounds from abandonment, mistrust or abuse.


Community - Where do I start? An Adoption Guide


2. Find an adoption community and ask questions.

  • Find adoptive families you can talk to. If you don’t know anyone personally, ask your church or local school to connect you to someone who has adopted. Be sure to ask what agency they used and what their experience was like.
  • Join an adoption support group in your area or online. Listen to the conversations you’ll find there and ask questions! This will provide a better understanding of not just what the adoption process looks like but also a better understanding of what life looks like after bringing a child home.
  • Call several agencies and ask about the services they provide. Attend informational meetings if their agencies offer them.

Each family has different personalities and needs. Asking good questions ahead of time can help determine the best process and agency for your family.


Advice - Where do I start? An Adoption Guide


3. Get objective, professional support (FOR FREE!) with LSM.

Loving Shepherd Ministries has helped over 8,000 families walk through the initial stages of the adoption process by offering FREE, objective and personalized support.

Start by filling out the online assessment form on LSM’s website. This confidential information helps LSM provide up-to-date resources that will help your family make the best decisions.

The packet you receive contains:

  • Up-to-Date information on the types of programs your family is eligible to pursue (international, domestic, foster care)
  • Contact information and program details on adoption agencies that are reputable, ethical and financially stable
  • Handouts to better understand the adoption and home study process
  • Lists of resources to help fund your adoption (including Lifesong Grants!)
  • Access to LSM’s Online Database with information on everything from listings of placing agencies to general adoption questions

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We are deeply grateful for trusted ministry partners like LSM whose experience and expertise are so freely shared as we serve in the adoption / orphan care arena together.