God Was Faithful Down to the Last Penny

We believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family.

Many families consider adoption, but for many the reason they don’t start the journey is money. Today we share the testimony of a family’s second adoption. We are so thankful for families who say YES.

In August 2015, we adopted our son from China. We toured his orphanage that housed over 600 children that needed families. After that, we knew what we saw that day would be burned into our minds and hearts forever. We also knew one day we would return.

A year and a half after that day, and a year into our journey with foster care, we found our daughter through an advocacy page on Facebook. At the time, she was just about to turn 2 years old and had just learned to sit up on her own. She wore a hooded, red sweatshirt in her picture that said ‘They said yes’ on it. At first, the unknowns of her delay seemed too much for us to take on and we had very little money to start the adoption process again. But we could not forget her face, and through the book of Ezra, God showed us that we could trust Him to provide for us just as He had provided for Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple.

So, on February 26, 2017, we said ‘yes’ to move forward and return to China to adopt her.


The Journey Begins

It seemed like a long year of paperwork and fundraising.

But God was faithful in His promise to provide and every penny was there just when we needed it.

Wallace Family 2


Exactly 1 year to the day, February 26, 2018, we were in China headed for the Civil Affairs office to meet our daughter. She has been home for almost 3 months and has transformed from a scared, sad little girl with no hope to a joyful, smiley, cuddle bug. Every day she is growing in strength a little more. She has learned to pick up things, how to brush her teeth, and to bear weight on her legs. She has learned some basic sign language and several words in English. But most importantly, she has been told of Jesus’ sacrifice and love for her. Her story and transformation is a daily reminder of our own adoption into the family of God.


Overcoming the Financial Barriers of Adoption

When we began this adoption journey, we only had enough money of our own to pay for our homestudy. In 5 months, through grants and generous friends, family, and even strangers giving to us, we had enough money to complete our daughter’s adoption. Lifesong connected us with a church which provided a matching grant for our adoption and provided us with an easy to use crowdfunding page that our friends and family could give through. God showed up in big ways when it came to the financial aspect of this journey. But He also placed a child in our family that was most obviously meant to be here. She was made to be a Wallace.

We could not be more thankful!

-The Wallace Family

Are adoption finances standing in your way?

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