When In Doubt

We started the adoption process 22 months before we were able to bring Maximus Taeyang home to us.

In the beginning, we had some support, but more people than we expected had more questions for us, which in turn made us doubt that this was something God was directing us towards. Throughout the process as we had to start paying many fees and we wondered how this was going to get done … those were the times that we KNEW God called us to adoption.

Somehow, whether fundraisers or grants like Lifesong’s, the right amount of money always came in! It was never much more than we needed, but it was always enough.

We would get very overwhelmed with paperwork and appointments we had to do for our home study, and somehow we’d start working on them and it just didn’t seem like a big deal at all. We know that in the small moments throughout our process, those were times God was speaking to us and reassuring our hearts/minds. Slowly, we also had people that doubted us and the process in the beginning slowly come around as well. We are aware that others were watching and following along in our journey, and we hope it can be an inspiration to someone that has considered adoption before.

We hope we can start many conversations and help in whatever way we can … just like you did for us. Thank you!

In the beginning, we had multiple people telling us that we were crazy for wanting to adopt when we already had 3 young children. They did not understand that it’s a calling that God has placed in our lives. On the flip side, it’s neat to see how God lined everything up, provided financially, and changed the hearts of those around us that had doubts in the beginning.


Thank you for staying the course and following God’s leading. We are excited to see how God continues to use your family and your son for His glory. Keep having those adoption conversations! 

Every child needs a family.