Okayest Mom: A Review & Giveaway

Many (most?) moms have a tidy life plan when it comes to their home and family.

… And if we’re honest, adopting children can throw those tidy plans into utter chaos.

Such was the case for Natalie Gwyn, author of the newly released book, Okayest Mom. In this enjoyable memoir, Gwyn chronicles raising 6 children, 4 of whom were adopted … at one time … from Ethiopia. She uses humor–and her trademark authenticity–to share how God led her and her husband to adopt, and then how God brought growth and bonding to their family in big ways.

Her lighthearted narrative begins with the nudge of God toward the uncomfortable. And isn’t that where the growth happens?

The book is already receiving lots of positive attention. Earlier this year, Kathie Lee Gifford shared the book as one of her favorite things on the Today Show. And our own staff has enjoyed reading the book and getting to know Natalie.

Natalie uses humor and transparency in a redemptive way, through the trials and challenges of the adoptive journey.
–Andy Lehman, VP, Lifesong for Orphans


Buy a book. Change a life.

In addition to being a great read, Natalie’s book will also directly benefit orphans and vulnerable children. Natalie and her team have graciously pledged 50% of all book proceeds to Lifesong, meaning every book purchased will help change lives. And because all Lifesong administrative costs are covered, 100% of each donation will go directly to help children in need.

Get your copy today and spread the word!


Book Giveaway

We are thrilled to give away 4 copies of this book!

To enter, go to this Facebook post and 1) hit LIKE, and 2) in the comments below the post, tag or share the name of an adoptive mom that has encouraged you on your foster care/adoption/parenting journey (whether or not you have brought your child home yet).

TWO WINNERS (along with the adoptive mom they nominated) will be drawn tomorrow, Thursday, June 27, at 4:00PM!

No adoptive mom should feel alone on the journey.