An Adoption Story from Ukraine

Your support helps change the lives of orphans around the world.

Whether through adoption funding or orphan care, lives–like Yarik’s–are being transformed by the Gospel.

Here is his story.



9-year-old Yarik is one of 18 siblings in the Vyshnykov family in Ukraine–7 boys and 11 girls. 12 of these 18 children were adopted, including Yarik. Born in Ukraine, Yarik was adopted in Ukraine when he was 5, and in his home, he knows he is loved.

My parents are kind and cheerful, and they love us all. They take care of me, keep us warm, and feed us … I’m just happy in this family! –Yarik Vyshnykov

His parents are happy, too. In the words of his mom, “We decided our home belongs to God.” And the Vyshnykovs live like they mean it.

Never without a smile, Yarik contributes to the noise and joy of the household–and Yarik’s parents wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves building things, playing soccer, and being around animals. His future is bright with the love and support of his family.

The Vyshnykov family represents a growing number of Christian families around the world who are sensing and obeying God’s leading to adopt–proving adoption isn’t “an American thing”–it’s a Christian thing.






Encouraging and supporting adopting families is a big component of ministry at Lifesong. With programs in the U.S. and Ukraine, we seek to support families who believe God is leading them to adopt. But none of this is possible without people like you taking a deep and vested interest in making orphans sons and daughters.

Did you know that finances are the number one reason more families who want to adopt don’t adopt?

With skyrocketing legal, governmental, and agency fees, many families are discouraged from doing what they believe God has called them to do. In fact, 77% of practicing Christians believe Christians have a responsibility to adopt… yet only 5% have actually done it. Why? Finances are a major hurdle.
You change their story when you bridge the financial gap to help bring children home.

Together with your help, we seek to mobilize the Church where each member can participate—some to adopt, some to care, and some to give.

So whether we are linking like-minded families and churches in the USA with Christian families in Ukraine who are seeking to adopt, or whether we are providing grants and loans to U.S. families who are home study-ready, we are working with you to eliminate the hurdles that prevent children like Yarik from being brought into a family.

Thank you for helping Christian families overcome financial barriers with matching grants and simple fundraising solutions.


Every child deserves the love of a family.