Something to Celebrate!

You did it! You saw the need, stepped up, and met it.

During the month of February, 40 people just like you stepped up to sponsor a child as we have shared pictures and stories of kids who need our help. Thank you for making an eternal difference in the lives of these precious children!

For a child overseas, sponsorship can be the difference between life and death.

Thanks to someone like you, Getabalew in Ethiopia has been fully sponsored this month. 6-year-old Getabalew lives with his mom and 3 siblings in a tiny, one-room house. His dad died while fishing to provide for the family. Currently, Getabalew attends Lifesong School which is incredibly helpful since he receives a quality education and two nutritious meals each day. He is taught many important things that will equip him for life. His siblings hope to be able to attend Lifesong School someday.

Over 1,600 children still need a sponsor to have their daily needs met. Over 900 people are already sponsoring children, and we are grateful!

It’s not too late! Become a sponsor.

When you sponsor a child through Lifesong, you ensure that child will:

And, as always, 100% of sponsorships received by Lifesong for Orphans goes directly to caring for orphans and vulnerable children.
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Every child deserves to know God loves them.