How Love Brought Jantu to Life

God is doing big things in Cambodia through your prayer and support!

Meet Jantu.

Like most of the young children we meet on migrant construction sites in Thailand, 3-year-old Jantu was sorely lacking in basic developmental skills–both physical and social–when we were first introduced to her. Since she became a part of Construction of Hope with Lifesong Thailand, we have had the incredible privilege of watching her come alive.

Once painfully shy–and unable to comprehend or interact with her surroundings–she is now an eager recipient of her newfound love and attention.

Because of your faithful prayer and support, she knows she is loved.

The new sensory bins project in the learning center is a favorite of hers. Her motor skills development is improving by leaps and bounds. Her growing confidence has allowed her to start helping other little ones acclimate. One little girl–Soksalai–recently joined our center and was having a difficult time. Jantu’s gentle reassurance and friendship with Soksalai has helped Soksalai find her voice and feel happy.

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Jantu, Soksalai, and many of our children are developing a deep appreciation for books and learning to read. As these precious children grow up together, we can’t wait to see where their love of books and learning with take them. More specifically, we are excited to see how the Lord–Who loves them most of all–will lead them!

Thank you for loving children like Jantu!


Every child needs to hear the Gospel.