How to Change a Life on Valentine’s Day

It’s easier to change a life than you might think.

When it comes to family preservation and orphan care, perhaps nothing is more impactful than child sponsorship. When you choose to sponsor a child, you’re giving that child the gift of hope and a future. Specifically, when you sponsor a child through Lifesong, you ensure that child will:

For a child overseas, this commitment can be the difference between life and death, bondage or freedom. And–for $34 or $68 monthly–YOU have the power to make this happen without ever leaving home.

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A personal invitation

This Valentine’s Day, would you give your heart to a child in need? Would you commit to 1 year of sponsoring a child? We are praying that 14 waiting children find sponsors this month–children like 5-year-old Adiam from Ethiopia. Click on her picture to learn more!


Every child deserves to know God loves them.