3 Powerful Ways You Can Help Preserve Vulnerable Families

Orphan care, foster care, and adoption are powerful ways to show love to children in need. That said, the best orphan care is orphan prevention.

We would like to focus our attention on children who will not be adopted. The world is filled with families who are struggling to stay together, yet who want to stay together. Imagine the grandmother who can no longer work but must feed and clothe the grandchildren in her care. Consider the mother who must single-handedly raise her six kids after Ebola took their father. These stories are not uncommon.

Here are 3 powerful ways you can help preserve vulnerable families–


1. Sponsor a child.

We believe God calls us to care for orphans and those who cannot care for themselves. Gospel-centered child sponsorship, then, is a great opportunity to change a child’s life, but it also has great potential to keep a family together. When you sponsor a child, you help that child and those who care for him overcome poverty–which can save current and future generations the heartache of family disruption and other devastating loss. Many monthly sponsorship programs cost the equivalent of one trip out to dinner with the family, yet the long-term benefits are enormous. Learn more.


2. Support sustainable business.

We believe God blesses us with our talents and money to help those in need. Supporting sustainable business, then, is a good investment. Sustainable business in this context refers to businesses or enterprises that are generating revenue and profit to enable caregivers (i.e., parents, grandparents, older siblings) to find work that will keep their family together. Hard-working entrepreneurs are making jewelry, weaving rugs, or farming strawberries–using creative means at their disposal to harness innovative sales with eternal benefits. When you support sustainable business, you create jobs that can prevent orphans by providing work and income for families who wish to stay together. Learn more.

We realize God is their Father and not Lifesong, and He can take care of them with or without Lifesong, but we sure want to be part of that solution, and part of it is by creating sustainable business and providing value. –Andy Lehman, Vice President, Lifesong


3. Pray for family preservation.

We believe God intended all children to be in a safe and loving Christian family. As a result–and because God is the author of the family–we can safely assume He wants families to stay together and raise their children for His glory whenever possible. Since God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, we should go to Him often on behalf of those in need. Each morning on our Facebook page, we share a prayer request on behalf of vulnerable children and families. Would you join us in praying to God for precious men, women, and children around the world? Join us here.

Sponsorship can make an eternal difference in the life of a child and family.