A Remarkable Story

When we began our adoption journey, we never could have anticipated the ways in which God would tell a remarkable story.

He did this through His loving-kindness, beautiful generosity, caring provision, and faithful care of His people. It took 4.5 years to bring our twin four-year-olds home from Haiti. In that time, He revealed His character in both big and subtle ways.

Our wait was filled with many hard moments, times of uncertainty, deep aching in our longing for our children, anxiety about the financial strain … and the list continues. The wait was filled with so many dynamically difficult pieces that we never could have seen entering into the adoption process when we knew excitement and simple hope.

We knew the financial component would be a challenge, yet we knew God’s calling was clear and that He would make it happen.

We made sacrifices and He laid our adoption on the hearts of many generous souls. Our simple hope grew deeper and richer in the course of time. God gifted us with peace that surpasses understanding. He gifted us moments of genuine joy. He orchestrated beautiful moments of spiritual growth. And the hard moments, the heavy hearts, the tears, and the worries were all held in the caring prayers, hearts, and arms of family and friends.

Ultimately, HE held us in those moments through the beautiful souls we get to call our family and friends (both old and new … new because this adoption brought us together!)



The End (that’s really a beginning)

In the spring of 2013, we began a journey to complete our family through adoption. What we thought we be two years of paperwork, waiting, hoping, and praying turning into four-and-a-half years of rich spiritual growth, countless God-moments, provisions beyond our hopes, and challenges revealing God’s grace–and all of it was covered in His mighty love.


He worked miracles to bring the seven of us together. He wrote a beautiful story that reflects His constant presence in our lives … even when an ocean, piles of paperwork, and heaps of fees separated us.

We’ve been united, in accordance to His calling and will, for two months now. Those months have reflected His abundant grace. The lessons we learned in our wait have made our union so much richer. As a united family of seven, we continue this journey … HIS story for us.


We praise God for sustaining your family during the long days and nights of waiting. We also rejoice with you that your children are finally home! Thank you for sharing the many sides of adoption–including the broken and the beautiful. God is the truly the Master of weaving all of it together for our good and His glory!


Every waiting child deserves a family.