Does God Ever Finally Say “Yes”?

Six months ago, my phone rang, and a voice I’d never heard before announced she was the adoption attorney and she had good news for me.

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I stood up really quickly and kind of choked out the words, “GOOD news?”

I needed to hear it again because, for three years, every adoption lead and follow-up had been what we’d call NOT good news. And we were tired. Our daughter, almost five and also adopted, was even growing weary in her prayers. “I keep asking God for a baby and maybe He will just say NO.”

We struggled to sympathize and also draw her attention to the reality that God’s “no” ought to be dearer to us than our push for “yes.” It was a struggle for us all.

So I was in disbelief at the voice of the adoption attorney at the other end of the phone. She told me a baby boy was on the way. His birth parents liked our profile book and our story. They were choosing our family for their baby. She told me she’d like to set up a visit for an ultrasound with them, then dinner. She told me they were moved by our letter to them.

I was shaking when I hung up the phone.


Surprise Arrival

Ten days later, my parents came to watch our daughter for us as we drove up to meet our son’s birth parents. We hoped to hear his heartbeat and see his little profile on the sonographer’s screen, to share our earnest love and respect and gratitude with his birth parents. After the visit to the OB and dinner, his birth mom surprised us all by going into labor — six weeks ahead of schedule.

Levi came early and he was strong and healthy, by God’s mercy and grace.

I wasn’t ready. Three years of waiting and I wasn’t ready.

But he was.





Does God ever say “yes” to our desires?

Levi Kent is the happy our hearts needed and I like to say that when he heard that his mama had shown up, he wanted to get the show on the road! When we got his big sister up to meet him for the first time, she pulled me to the side and asked to speak to me privately. Looking seriously and deeply into my eyes, her four-year-old little voice whispered, “I thought God was going to say ‘no’ to us, BUT HE SAID YES!”

Her awe and gratitude was a dear and precious gift to us — and we rejoiced in telling her that often, our Good Father DOES grant us the desire of our hearts!




For almost eight months now he’s had us (and so much me) wrapped his pudgy fingers. I am all the heart eyes and I get butterflies in my stomach over this little man. He laughs and smiles all the livelong day. Levi is the good gift I didn’t think was coming from the Good Giver I am learning–slowly–to trust more and more.

My cup runneth right on over.


Be God’s answer to a child in need.