Where Life and Death Meet in Grace and Adoption | Family Friday

The adoption of our precious daughter is part of a legacy where God connected the dots of His sovereignty over 2 young lives, down to the smallest details.

We started on the path of adopting a child with a limb difference because we had a nephew who was born with orthopedic special needs. He passed away unexpectedly in the middle of our adoption process, but our travel approval arrived on what would have been his third birthday, and we left for China on the first anniversary of his death.

Over the years we have had the privilege of supporting a number of friends in their adoption journeys through participating in Lifesong-facilitated financial support programs. When we found ourselves called to adopt, we knew we wanted to partner with Lifesong.

We wanted to create a pathway for others to share with us in the joy of extending the gift of family to a child on the other side of the world.


Family Photo


God’s Gift of Grace

After twenty months in the process, we just returned from southern China with a beautiful, feisty, tiny new daughter named Grace Caroline. Placed at the gate of a crowded orphanage in a remote south China city when she was just a day or two old, she was raised there until the day after her first birthday when she was brought to us on August 21 in her provincial capital and became a treasured part of our family.




Resources were scarce in her institution, but God’s protecting and sustaining hand are evident in her development and disposition. One of the things that are unique about Grace–besides her petite frame and miraculously joyful personality–is that she was born without a left arm below the elbow. It doesn’t slow her down one bit. We can’t wait to see God’s plan for this spectacularly unique little lady continue to unfold. Her four big brothers are smitten, and we all feel so blessed to get to be her family.
Thank YOU for being part of the miracle that is adoption.


Thank you for sharing your story, Stephen and Aimee! We are excited to watch Grace Caroline continue to thrive with your love and care. Our prayers are for her and for you, as well as your extended family who continues to grieve the painful loss and momentary separation from your nephew. Life is a vapor, and we are thankful both of these precious children know the love of your family.

No child should grow up alone.