Meet Charity: Future World Changer

Charity didn’t know what God had planned for her life when she first began attending Lifesong School in Garneton, Zambia. But He has done abundantly more than she could have ever imagined.
In her words—


Meet Charity

Though she was just a little girl in primary school, she was already well-acquainted with heartache and struggle. Her dad lost his job, for instance, and he could no longer provide for the family. Additionally, she had to move out of her parents’ home and live with her sister who was already a busy wife and mom. Despite the best efforts of a family who loved each other, life wasn’t easy and daily needs went unmet.

Charity heard about a school in Garneton with a reputation for offering a good education and she wanted to attend. She hoped Lifesong School might be the ticket she needed to pursue a brighter future. So she applied, was accepted, and willingly walked the hour and a half each way to attend classes.




When she arrived–without shoes, books, or supplies–she decided nobody would care about her, so she likewise decided not to care about others. But she couldn’t have been more mistaken. She was already loved more fully than she could ever imagine.

Pastor Maron–school pastor, teacher, and houseparent–daily spoke to the students about the love of God. In Charity’s words–

He was always preaching the Good News in our class.

This Good News–that God sent His Son to save sinners and give them joy and purpose–gradually  changed Charity’s life and perspective. She evaluated her own need of a Savior and placed her faith in Jesus. This began a slow, but exciting process of growth as God’s good love began to take root in Charity’s heart.




The Impact of the Student Life Homes

Charity is one of 366 students at Lifesong School in Zambia. She is also one of about 75 students who benefit first-hand from living in the Student Life Homes. Nearly half of the students at Lifesong School live with someone other than a biological parent. For teenagers who have a challenging or difficult home life–or for teens whose homes are not conducive for daily study or homework preparation–living in a Student Life Home as an upperclassman is considered an amazing opportunity.

Student Life Homes provide Christian education, daily meals, life skills, discipleship, and sustainable business programs to vulnerable children and families in Zambia. Specifically, these students are given the tools necessary to live a Christian life in a successful vocation that equips them to be productive members of society, faithful leaders at church, and loving parents at home.



For some students, living in a Student Life Home can make the difference between graduating or giving up. For Charity, it made a world of difference.

When I moved into the Student Life Home, things in my life began to change.

Lifesong School and the Student Life Homes have as their motto: “Discipling the future leaders of Zambia through Biblical truth and educational excellence.” They take seriously this commitment with every child in their care. The staff and houseparents at Lifesong School define their success by the success of their students.


The First Graduating Class

Today, Charity is a senior at Lifesong School. She is one of only a few girls in her class since it is common for girls to get married or pregnant by her age. This December–Lord-willing–she will be one of the first students ever to graduate from Lifesong School in Zambia. Her dream is to study medicine at University–where she can care about others the way others have cared about her.

Can she do it? We think she can. With God leading her, and with caring staff and fellow students at her side, and with the love and support of faithful sponsors and prayer warriors (like you!) behind her, we believe she can do whatever God calls her to accomplish.
Watch for more exciting information about Lifesong School’s first graduation soon!


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