The Impact of an Unexpected Meeting


God’s hand was all over our journey to Hezekiah. I can barely contain the tears of gratefulness when I reflect on any part of it.

When my husband and I became aware of this particular situation involving special needs, we had that peace that surpasses understanding. It wasn’t that we didn’t see or understand all of the potential medical problems or developmental challenges; we saw those, but–

God’s grace was sufficient in our weakness, just as He promised it would be.

When we looked at the $35,000 agency fee and knew we didn’t have enough money, we trusted that God would either provide us the miraculous outpouring of funds or He would give us the self-discipline and wisdom to pay off the debt.

An Unexpected Meeting

The day we found out his mother wanted us to be his forever family we sent an email to all of our family and friends explaining the situation and the need. That night I got home late from a church meeting and a couple about 20 years our senior came to our home and sat across from us in our living room. They had received the email and honestly, in my fear and insecurity, I thought they might be there to advise us on all of the things we maybe had not considered with special needs. Instead, they reached out and handed us a $1,000 check.
The best way I can describe what it felt like is this: God had called us to a mountain and we were standing at the foot of it. We trusted and knew that He would show us the way over it and we were eager to climb to the top, but we honestly didn’t know how to get there and we certainly knew we couldn’t do it on our own.

This first gift–this couple sitting in our living room–became the extension of God’s majestic arm reaching down to offer us a hand.

We took hold of Him and his faithfulness with grateful and expectant hearts; and somehow, miraculously, more hands reached out; more extensions of God’s love and provision for us, and we made it to the top.

adoption day
Adoption day!

Gratitude in the Whirlwind

We were matched with our son’s brave birth mother just one week before she delivered. It was an incredible testimony of God’s sovereign timing and plan. There were many unknowns as we stepped forward with an eager “Yes!” to special needs adoption through an agency we had no prior knowledge of and a very high fee. We spent the next week frantically applying for additional grants and interest-free loans.
Lifesong was one of those extended arms of our loving Father pulling us to the top and we are forever grateful for that. They handled our application (and our hearts) with efficiency, integrity, and compassion. Everyone we spoke to treated us with such kindness. It was evident that they were eager to serve and to bless.

Sara and Lee, thank you for sharing your story and for reminding us that God is more than capable of moving mountains on our behalf! We are excited to watch Hezekiah grow and thrive in your home as you teach him how vastly he is loved. 

Help give a child a home.


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