When Grace Was Shaped Like Laundry | Tanzania Update

Two children we’ll call “B” and “N” were living with their grandmother–a retired teacher–and they had a good life. But then the unthinkable happened.

Their grandmother (and 6 other people in the family) were murdered by home invaders. The two children survived because they hid in a heap of dirty clothes. This was a heartbreaking event within the Tanzanian community. 7 coffins were lined side by side at the funeral.
The two children approached Pastor Micah and his wife, Happiness–leaders of Tanzania Children’s Rescue Centre (TCRC) with Lifesong Tanzania–and asked for help since their family was gone.

In situations like this, it’s impossible to say no to children, even though we are operating beyond our peak capacity. We thank God these kids are now settling in and healing after the tragic loss of their family. –Pastor Micah

It is unbelievable to see how people can wantonly cause the destruction and wounding of others to this degree, but the fall of mankind continues to deal painful reminders. Please pray for “B” and “N” that the Lord will heal them from this trauma and that His spirit would renew their hearts, that they may know the joy of growing up and just being kids again.

Would you pray with us?

1. We are experiencing a severe drought this year. The price of food is growing higher. We need your prayers concerning food prices.
2. 31 of our kids are studying in higher education. TCRC schools provide only education from Kindergarten up to Form 4. For those who go beyond that grade, TCRC pays for their education until our school can support Form 5 & 6.
3. Daily operating expenses continue to grow and we need prayer for additional partners.
4. We are asking God to provide for the expertise and tools for farming on some of our ground by the lake. TCRC has some land near Lake Victoria, but we have never put it to use since we do not have the means. We have some ideas on how this land might help provide additional cost-effective food options for the ministry, but we need some partnerships and expertise to do that.
Finally, it is our firm belief that TCRC cannot solve the problem of a high number of street number in Tanzania, no matter how many children we bring into our ministry. We want to engage ourselves in efforts to help prevent children from ending up on the streets in the first place. We continue to hear testimonies of parents who’ve had their hearts changed–through the Lord’s working–to be more forgiving and gentle with their children. Also, other people are starting to help suffering kids in various ways and we are very thankful for that.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:18

Support kids like “B” and “N” in Tanzania.



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