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What a journey! We felt led to adopt back in November 2011, and for various reasons we quickly decided to pursue adoption from Haiti.

At that time we believed that the finances would be the most challenging mountain to climb as we expected that the adoption would cost over $24,000. But with a few creative fundraisers, some help from friends, and some serious penny pinching we found that the finances were the easy part! We struggled for 4 ½ years (mostly with US immigration) to bring Manuchka home.

God clearly taught us about patience and hope in seasons of pain.

Fact: Where God leads, God provides.

We have so many examples of God’s provision. 1) Our garage sale raised $14,000. 2) We experienced countless times where we had a deadline to submit evidence to the Department of Homeland Security and God provided just at the last moment to prevent our denial. 3) After having trouble with our first lawyer in Haiti we were directed to an American Immigration attorney who is amazing and deserved every penny of her pay! And we found a new lawyer in Haiti who is tremendously busy but willing to take our case. She was a Godsend! 4) After waiting an agonizing 4 ½ years, we were preparing to leave Haiti to bring our daughter home when we saw a verse on the door to our room at the orphanage that read–

“Rejoice in hope be patient in tribulation and be constant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)

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God writes the story.

About 4 months after we brought our daughter home we dedicated her at our church. We realized that we held her and prayed for her and dedicated her to the Lord in our home congregation 4 years exactly after we first met her (Ok–plus or minus a few minutes!) November 12th at 9:30am EST in 2012 and November 12th at 9:30am EST in 2016. God is good.

Joe and Kris, thank you for staying the course and not giving up during your 4-1/2-year wait! We rejoice with you in God’s precious gift of Manuchka to your family and everyone who is blessed to know and love her! May God richly bless her life–and yours–as you continue to trust His good plans.

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