Come With Us on a Vision Team Trip!

Katie approached her husband, Ken, with the words: “We need to do something more.”

Katie had just finished reading a book about a missionary to Uganda who tirelessly gave herself to reach children and widows with the love of Christ. What impressed Katie most about the story was that whenever the missionary was commended for doing such noble work, she would quickly clarify that it was not unique to her–that all of us are commanded to love the widows and the orphans.
Ken and Katie Hauck have always enjoyed serving widows and children when given the chance, but the couple’s interests and passions are different, so serving side-by-side was a challenge. In Katie’s words, “I want to be hands-on. I want to be in there helping children, where Ken is an entrepreneur. He wants to use his skills and abilities to create businesses and to raise funds.”
Finding an organization where this husband/wife duo could both use the gifts God gave them to impact widows and orphans was no easy challenge. They took months to pray about what God would do.


Lifesong Vision Team

When Katie stumbled across information about Lifesong’s vision teams, she was excited to learn that we enjoy taking groups of creative entrepreneurs and passionate advocates to see first-hand what God is doing in ministry projects around the world. Specifically, our Vision Teams–

In Katie’s words, “When we read what they do–how they marry businesses with orphan care–I turned to Ken and said, ‘This is exactly what we are looking for!'”
We were thrilled to welcome them onto the team.
Ken and Katie traveled on a Vision Team to Haiti where they saw the project and took an active role in brainstorming creative solutions to benefit the precious children in care. Seeing the need, they participated in creating helpful, sustainable options. They interacted with the kids and listened to the directors talk about what God is doing.

“They started sharing their vision, and all of a sudden, their vision became mine!” –Ken Hauck, Vision Team participant

Join Us.

Are YOU someone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who enjoys the challenge of finding solutions that meet the needs of the fatherless? If so, would you pray about joining us? Come see what God is doing in orphan care projects around the world. Offer unique ideas and solutions to help provide the love of Christ to more children in need. Once again, we will travel to Haiti March 9-12. Other exciting Vision Team trips around the world are planned for 2017. Take a look.

Go with us on a Vision Team.

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