Video: Your Gift of Purpose Helps One Child

Your gift this Christmas will change the life of a child.

By giving to Gifts of Purpose Where Most Needed, you are changing the course of history for an orphaned child who needs the love of Christ. With gifts starting at $19, everyone can impact a child this Christmas.
Did you know you can give a gift in honor? Every amount given through Gifts of Purpose gets a downloadable card. Every donation is matched with a gift to Where Most Needed, up to $1,000,000, until December 31st!
Thank you for making a difference today.



Featured Gifts
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Gifts of PurposeAdoption Matching Grants

GIVE $250

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image2Education in

GIVE $19

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Gifts of PurposeFamily Support
in Haiti

GIVE $400

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where-most-neededWhere Most

GIVE $500