How to Bring a Church Family Together (hint: adopt)


I (Ken) am a pastor and have seen so many amazing things the Lord has done in the lives of others.

In all my years of following Jesus and bringing others to a relationship with Him, my wife Sarah and I have never seen so much joy from others to support us with prayers, gifts, help, and love. People in our lives were so full of joy and excitement to see an orphan be brought to a loving family. We also saw their hearts transformed by the reality of the orphan crisis that many did not even know existed. Our adoption of Everly created awareness of this reality and also provided a happy ending to the story. Now she is home. God called us to bring her home.

When God uses God’s people and God’s people are willing to listen to the call God puts into our hearts, amazing things can happen.

The matching grant that was gifted to us as financial support for our adoption was such a blessing! Not only did we receive this financial gift from Lifesong, but it brought a church community together giving out of love and joy. Their united spirit and ability to raise enough for Lifesong to match changed the lives of many people. They were inspired by our desire to adopt, joined us in our journey with prayer and support, and God worked through this amazing journey to reveal His love and light to many. They were moved to help make this adoption happen and that wouldn’t have been possible without Lifesong.
When we first began to discern God’s call to adopt a little girl with Down syndrome, we continuously saw God opening doors and bringing amazing people into our lives to help us bring Everly home. One incredible experience was meeting a Christ follower when we had our fingerprints done for immigration. She was professional, did her job, and took our fingerprints. We briefly told her about our story and at the end of our time together, she looked at us with teary eyes and said, “I am praying for you. I am praying that you’ll bring your little girl home even sooner than you anticipate.”
God was clearly at work through her!

Become an adoption-friendly church.

Start a church adoption fund

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