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Your support helps change the lives of orphans around the world. Whether through adoption funding or orphan care, lives are being transformed by the Gospel. Here is one story of a life changed by love.


Ruslana is a soft-spoken young lady with big dreams and a bright future, but her story hasn’t always been so hopeful. Ruslana’s mother wanted to abort her before deciding, instead, to place her in a Ukrainian orphanage. Ruslana grew up without the love of a family. In her words, “Though I was surrounded by many people, I was lonely.”

Wruslanahen Ruslana was in fifth grade, volunteers from a local church began visiting the orphanage weekly. They built relationships with the children–including Ruslana–sharing the good news of the gospel that breaks the cycle of hopelessness. The volunteers taught the children on Sundays and hosted camps during the summer. When Ruslana was 14 years old, her life completely changed–

I found out that the answer to my questions and my needs was God’s love.

She trusted Christ with her life and has served Him faithfully ever since. As a graduate of the Ukrainian orphanage she now works with children in the orphanage who are younger than she is, teaching and mentoring. She is a valuable member of the Lifesong team in Ukraine that volunteers at the camps and hosts various events to show children the love of Christ.

Ukrainian Orphanage
Ruslana and her friends organized a sports activity for the kids.

Ruslana says, “God poured His love on me through believers. He gave me great friends and great mentors.” YOU are part of Ruslana’s story because of your faithful prayers and financial support. Your gift of any amount can make a difference to a child like Ruslana.



Tragically, within 2 years of aging out of a Ukrainian orphanage, 70% to 80% of young adults will experience crime, prostitution, suicide, or overdose.

After graduating from the orphanage, many young adults have nowhere to go. They often find their acceptance with the wrong crowd, influenced by negative peer pressure from friends willing to accept them. 6 years ago, the Lifesong Transition Home Program began in a rental house in Ukraine as a small way of combating these heartbreaking statistics. Today, the program is thriving–led by house parents who love the Lord and offer a Christian home environment for young people in need of family.

Specifically, many of Ruslana’s great friends and mentors are from her transition home.

Ukraine transition homes and camps exist to support orphans as they age out of the system. Some young adults choose to live full-time in these wholesome family environments, while others take advantage of the many holistic opportunities extended to them as a means of helping them become self-sufficient, vital members of society.

By providing exceptional facilities because of generous donors like you–businesses, schools, transition homes, and family homes–orphans and vulnerable children with Lifesong Ukraine are cared for holistically, transforming their lives.

We are praying for the opportunity to build 3 more transition homes in Ukraine. Each of the 3 homes will cost $93,333 furnished–or $7,800 per each of the 12 children. Your gift of any amount will help change the story for an orphan graduate in Ukraine.

Change the story for an orphan graduate in Ukraine.