How to Spare a Girl from Prostitution | Ukraine Update


Greetings from Team Ukraine!

Six years ago our transitional program began in Zap out of a rental house. Today–now that we have a great property with a transitional home, a pavilion, and a small family house–we can say that in due course, God has more than met our expectations for them. All of these buildings exist for the glory of God. The transitional house is filled with children who are mentored by a great and loving family. Each weekend, they invite kids from the orphanage to visit church with them and spend time with God as a family.

They view the kids in the orphanage as future graduates and champions for Christ!


Meet Veronica

19-year-old Veronica is our sister in Christ and a great volunteer at Lifesong Ukraine. Here is her story in her own words:
My name is Veronica. I was born in Zap city in a broken family. When I was 4, I was taken to the orphanage because my mother didn’t take care of me. She was into drugs and alcohol, and my brother Nikita and I were pretty much on our own. Life at the orphanage wasn’t easy, and I was growing up with a feeling of needlessness regarding my own life. Without a bright future, I was given the chance to live a life of prostitution or to get lost in human trafficking.
On a regular basis some church volunteers began visiting our orphanage, and I always enjoyed spending time with them. I liked them and what they told us about the alternative future God provides. They were all open-hearted, and I managed to build good relationships with some of them. They invited me to spend weekends and holidays at their transition home, and I gladly agreed. They told me much about God, His love, and His great plan for my life. I felt their love and support.
When I graduated, I was offered the chance to life in the Lifesong Transition Home, and I gladly agreed. They offer a good set of rules that keep me organized and motivated. I continued learning more about God. In October 2014 I made a firm decision to follow Jesus, and my whole life changed. Six months later I was baptized and became a church member. I can feel God’s love every day and see His blessings.

Lifesong Transition Home

Today I help with Sunday School at our church with children and teens. I share my story with orphanage classmates and give thanks for everything God has done. Also, I visit Kharkiv camp with Zap girls and we enjoy this beautiful place God has provided for us. I am studying clothing design in the local college and I want to glory God through this.

Can you help us build a house?

We give thanks to God for the ministry He has given to us! Thank you for your support of this ministry that truly changes lives! To God be ALL the glory. 
We are praying for the opportunity to build 3 more transition homes in Chernigiv. Each of the 3 homes will cost $93,333 furnished, but we believe–Lord-willing–many young people like Veronica could be impacted for eternity. Would you give today?