Fundacion Esperanza Turns 3! | Bolivia Update

Enjoy this update from the Bolivia team …

As we enter springtime in Cochabamba, Bolivia, hopefully we are leaving behind the months and months of dry season and water shortages as the rainy season finally comes to the valley.
Third quarter grades are out, and the kids are all buckling down to finish the year well. One of our middle school girls, Ruth, has proudly risen through the ranks of her school this past year. She started the year as “an normal student”–as the home’s educational psychologist, Maria Rene, says–but now she is the second best student in her entire school. As an honor for her accomplishments in the classroom, she is now one of the school’s flag-bearers during parades. She’s very proud of herself. Maria Rene said that this kind of attitude is really catching on throughout the whole house.
There is healthy and encouraging competition between the girls that is pushing everyone to do better. She also says that some of the older girls are finally understanding the importance of really applying themselves and are striving to do their best. Pray for those final grades that will be out in late November/early December.
Our technical team at the baby home has had a chance to do some follow-up visits with some of our little ones that have been adopted and reunited with family in the past year. It is such a joy to see them growing and thriving in their new families. Please pray that more doors will be opened for adoptions and family reunifications and that more of our children will find forever families.
There have been lots of holidays and celebrations going on in Cochabamba. Many of our children recently participated in various parades for civic holidays and anniversaries. Some of the boys participated in a foot race with all the other schools in their area. For National Student Day, the tias in the girls home celebrated by making tacos and putting on a dance performance for the girls.
October 14th marks the 3rd anniversary of Fundacion Esperanza in Bolivia.  Over the past 3 years we have served 87 children, seen 8 local adoptions, and have placed 24 children back with biological family members.  We have also seen first-hand the transformation in so many other lives as a result of the love and care we are able to provide.  This is all made possible through your prayers and support.  If you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation, please click on the links below.  

*Due to country requirements, we are unable to show photos of the children in blog posts at this time.

Pray for the children and staff at Fundacion Esperanza.