5 Simple Ways to Become an Adoption-Friendly Church

Many churches claim to be pro-adoption, but they do little to actually support adoption.

The good news is, it isn’t hard to become adoption-friendly. Here are 5 ideas to get started:

1. Pray for adopting families and waiting children.

If your church prints a regular prayer sheet, consider including the names of families in the process. Not only will this keep waiting families in the minds of praying people, but it will encourage the church family to ask for updates. If you do not currently have waiting families in your church, consider sharing adoption-related requests during times of corporate prayer. Furthermore, pray for God to raise up families in your church who are eager to adopt waiting children.


2. Encourage the church body to use their gifts to support adoptive families.

Adoptive families need more than finances. Additionally, they need babysitters, encouragement, resources, and prayer. Everyone in the church can provide something to an adoptive family–even if it’s simply a listening ear or an encouraging word. If you don’t know where to start or what to offer, browse our collection of family testimonials. Learn what impacts adopting families.


3. Create a church fund to alleviate adoption costs.

Using Lifesong’s existing grant and loan management tools, you can create a church adoption fund for qualifying families on mutually agreed-upon criteria at no cost to your church. You set the boundaries and contribute the money, and we take care of the administration. Not only will this enable families in your church to receive critical financial assistance, but it will do so without requiring more work from church leadership.


4. Maximize opportunities to emphasize adoption.

When special holidays coincide with the church calendar (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sanctity of Life, Orphan Sunday, etc.), take time to include adoption in the conversation. Celebrating adoption as a gift from God sets the tone for the church family.


5. Support adopted kids in the congregation.

As churches continue to embrace adoption and orphan care ministry, it is essential that the Body of Christ be prepared to encourage and equip children in the congregation who were adopted. Not every child who was adopted will face struggles related to adoption, but many will. As emotional, physical, or psychological challenges surface, the church must be willing to love that child and seek to meet the needs however possible. Adoption is a bumpy road, and the adoption-friendly church will commit to the ride.


“For a long time, churches focused on the pre-adoption process. There’s a growing understanding that the journey really kicks in once the adoption happens.”
— Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans


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