A Child Worth Fighting For

Meet Chandler and Griffin. In their words …

In 2011, we attended The Church at Brook Hills under the leadership of David Platt.

The Church at Brook Hills is a huge adoption/foster care advocate. We felt like the Lord was calling us to orphan care, and so, after much prayer, we started a domestic infant adoption in 2011.

During this time, we became pregnant with our second child. This put our adoption on hold but allowed us to pray more about what adoption looked like in our lives. We ended up feeling called to switch to international adoption, more specifically, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We were matched with our son in May 2013.

Little did we know, actually bringing our son home would require the fight of our lives.

Our son was in an orphanage where he was not receiving proper care. The orphanage shut down and our son slept on the floor of a health clinic for days as he was very sick. God opened the door for him to be moved to a foster home where he spent the rest of his days in the DRC. He started gaining weight and looked healthier overall.

We prayed and fought for every single piece of paperwork required to make our son ours and bring him home. We visited the DRC (and left empty-handed and heartbroken) several times. Finally, after almost 3 years, our son was able to join his forever family in the United States. It was nothing short of a miracle and we give all glory to God for making a way for Sam to come home.

We are so thankful for the support of Lifesong as we sought to adopt for the first time. We were in a place where we literally did not know where all of the money to bring our son home would come from. Thankfully, our church partnered with Lifesong and we were able to receive a matching grant. This grant allowed us to seek the help/support of friends and family and ultimately got us to our matching goal. This money enabled us to start to process of adopting internationally. We are eternally grateful for the support from Lifesong.

God is good, and we praise Him for working every painful detail together in Sam’s story!