Standing in the Sun: Bright Futures in Zambia


Choosing career, getting married, having children…

From the time you were knee-high, you were likely asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you had the luxury of changing your answers as often as you changed your clothes. Getting an education wasn’t an “if,” but a “when,” and staying healthy was generally as simple as making a quick trip to the doctor or pharmacy.
Not so for children in Zambia.
Though blessed with resilience and determination, children in poverty-stricken communities like Kitwe are often left to fend for themselves, eventually dropping out of school and seeking acceptance wherever it can be found. Without access to vocational training or health care, many of these children have little hope to break the poverty cycle or enjoy the privilege of planning a bright future.
Your prayerful support provides education, housing, and healthcare for children in Zambia.
Lifesong School continues to thrive as one of the best schools in the city, providing strong academics, nutritious meals, and faithful discipleship.

Student Life Homes

Student Life Homes provide a safe environment outside the classroom where students can thrive in a family-like environment. The Student Life Program started in 2014 to meet the need of students who lived in the local village and faced challenges unfavorable to discipleship and growth. The program started with 2 homes for the freshman class, and has increased to 7 homes for 72 of students.
For girls like Hellen, Dorcas, Belina, Margret, and Dorothy, the Student Life Homes are more than simply a place to live–they are a place to thrive. Kids who live in the Student Life Homes are given the tools and training to be leaders. They learn to impact their peers and give back to their community.

Boarding has changed lots of things for me. I am learning more about Christ. I am enjoying boarding so much! Dorothy, grade 10  



Mission Regan

In part because of a vision trip taken several years ago, Josh and the team from Texas-based Mission Regan visited Lifesong School and saw the need to take procedures, supplies, and equipment to Zambia. With only 1 doctor for every 10,000+ people, the need for care far outweighed the resources. Every year, Mission Regan spends a week serving the community on the campus of Lifesong School with outstanding medical care at no cost to the patients.
The Mission Regan team isn’t satisfied simply to offer good health care, however. Like you, they also want to ensure each patient’s spiritual health is strong. After each medical procedure the team initiates conversation about the love of Christ.

Your prayerful support makes a world of difference for children in Zambia.

With every prayer and every dollar given, God is using you to impact the lives of adults and children in Zambia who need to know the truth of God. Thank you for partnering with Lifesong Zambia to fulfill the mission to help reach orphaned and vulnerable children with the steadfast care of their Heavenly Father. Because of your prayers and support, lives are being transformed by the gospel and children have access to quality education and medical care. These opportunities give children the courage and hope to plan for a bright future.


Our special thanks to Courtney Gould for providing the photos of Mission Regan.