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Ken, a new adoptive dad, sent us a letter that we posted on our Lifesong bulletin board. We’d like to share it with you.

Why do families go to such great expense to adopt children? Some would say it’s to avoid an “unfulfilling life.” I know parents for whom adoption has been very enriching. But I know others who have had a very hard road. So is there a greater reason to adopt than a shot at personal fulfillment? Is there a greater reason than simply “building a family”?
Yes. That reason is nothing less than the mission of God.

The chief reason Christian families adopt is the mission of God, even when we don’t realize it. We may choose adoption for many reasons, but if we belong to Jesus, our adoption plans are placed within His far greater plan.

What does this mean? It means that Jesus has chosen to bring a child into your home and to have your last name in order that this child would be loved and provided for in His name. This advances His mission–in your son and daughter’s life and in yours as well. And this is true whether the road is pleasant or painful.
In our own adoption story, the reality of God’s mission was underscored in a dramatic way. Adoption is expensive, as anyone who’s investigated it knows, and we eventually had to jump into the process by faith God would provide. Immediately after filling out the first form the agency required, a huge check arrived unexpectedly in the mail that covered half the total costs of the adoption. That was quite a confirmation that this adoption was God’s plan and not just ours! It gave us tremendous confidence as we moved forward in the process, and still encourages us when the road is rough.
Our story is not unique; we’ve heard many stories of God’s provision for adoption expenses. I’m convinced God’s generosity in adoption is because it is ultimately connected to His mission in the world and to His purposes for the church.
If you are considering adoption, view this as much bigger than a decision to expand your family. We especially urge you not to see adoption as a second rate option. View adoption as an amazing expression of the mission of God that we are blessed to participate in. Pray, research, and talk to your family about it. And if God has put it into your heart to adopt, move forward knowing God always provides for His mission (John 16:23).

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