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Our adoption was a little nuts.

We had been waiting for about 6 months to be matched with a domestic birthmom, expecting the process to go pretty slowly once we were chosen. Amazingly, our adoption began and ended VERY quickly. We had some money saved, but not enough to fund our adoption in such a short time frame. A friend of mine had told me about Lifesong, so I sent an email to them asking if they might be able to help. We ended up qualifying for a matching grant and raised a total of about 10,000.00 with our online mySTORY account and the matching grant. God provided PERFECTLY for us, financially and emotionally. Our interactions with Lifesong were positive, encouraging, and extremely fruitful. Several times, I was able to email our lawyer bills, and Lifesong had a check in the mail that same day. It was such a help and relief during an overwhelming season.

God provided PERFECTLY for us, financially and emotionally.

There are about a million ways that God made it evident He was in control of our adoption. I think at this point, looking back, the biggest thing might actually be Asher. He has been in our family for a full year now. He is so amazing. I can’t imagine ANY other child being my son right now, my heart was so clearly prepared for him and he was so clearly prepared for our household. He is glued to my hip. He is in LOVE with our daughter, who is equally in love with him. He has bloomed over the last year in ways I didn’t see to be possible over a lifetime. He really is a total miracle. His life is the testimony of God’s provision.

Thank you for sharing your story, Ashley! We rejoice with you and Chase.

Whether–like Chase and Ashley–your adoption moves at the speed of light, or whether you feel like your adoption has stalled again, He is in control and He loves you fiercely. He is aware of your every need, and He will provide.
Adopting parent, God’s timing is always perfect. All of His plans for you are good. Belief in God’s sovereignty during times of waiting, combined with an unwavering conviction that God is good, will lead us to trust and not fear even in moments of deep frustration.
Regardless of a fast or slow adoption … we can can count on perfect timing.

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