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Finances and paperwork are two of the greatest hurdles for adopting families. Brian and Rebecca found this to be true. In their words …

We were towards the end of our adoption journey when a friend, who was also a pastor of a church, told us about their Lifesong matching grant money. At the time, we were overwhelmed at the thought of having to fill out more paperwork, but at our friend’s insistence, we went ahead and did it. We were able to get processed quickly, which was a huge blessing! Over all, we raised $11,000 through the Lifesong mySTORY Crowdfunding website, including the matching grant money we received. It got us to exactly what we needed to finish our Chinese adoption. What a blessing!
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Lifesong was the conduit for being able to raise the rest of what we needed for our adoption. We had a place people could go and directly give knowing no fees would be taken out and 100% was going to help us reach our precious daughter. It also gave people the opportunity to double their giving because of the matching grant money. It was motivating!

Our adoption was a God thing from the beginning to the end.

Just a few months before we began the process, God brought two families into our lives who had each adopted special needs children from China. At the time, we had not considered this option, but the Lord stirred our hearts and we immediately felt led to go this route. We began our paperwork in July of 2014 and were on a plane to China by June 2015 to get our little girl. Throughout the whole process, God’s hand was felt. Mae was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which were both needing repair in the USA. We were able to contact doctors right away with her file and received insight and council on her needs. One specific God thing happened a bit before we left for China. Our adoption coordinator was at a birthday party and happened to run into the head surgeon of the cleft team at Duke hospital! He was able to not only give her all kinds of information, but also his phone number. We were able to contact him directly and get great insight into her needs. Since bringing her home, this surgeon has been by our side, along with the whole cleft team, helping us with each of her needs. What a blessing!

Thank you for sharing your story, Brian and Rebecca! We glorify God when we pray that He would provide for our needs and then trust Him to answer. Thank you for modeling this and glorifying Him as you raise your precious children.

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