Adoption: One Man’s Extraordinary Effort


All believers are called to care for the fatherless.

Most of us would readily agree, but so often it’s hard to know what to do or how we can meet the needs of these precious children. One man from West Virginia took this truth to heart and found a creative way to use a lifelong dream for an eternal purpose.
On February 29, 2016, Terry began a 6-month adventure to hike the Appalachian Trail–a 5-million-step journey from Georgia to Maine. As is customary for hikers, he took a nickname–“Homeward”–for two reasons. One, he knew he would miss home and work tirelessly with every step to return to it. Second, he wanted to draw attention to adoption and every child’s need for a place to call home.
“Homeward” has met new friends (one of whom is actually named Homeward!), enjoyed God’s incredible creation, and learned new truths over the past 4 months. He has chronicled his journey consistently on his mySTORY page. He has also taken every opportunity available to him to talk about the fatherless and their need for family. He has chatted with fellow hikers on the trail, sent messages of encouragement to believers around the country, and raised funds for adoption grants.
It is easy to imagine how his love for Jesus is deeper, and his passion for the fatherless is stronger. Perhaps now more than ever, he is committed to helping fatherless and vulnerable kids around the world find their way home. Earlier this month–as he was hiking–he began meditating on his own adoption into God’s family and what it means to him. He wrote–

May we never get over the awe of His great love for us and may we never stop praying for, supporting, and bringing home the orphans who are all around us.

The BIG Hike Cover

The story isn’t over. He needs your help.

Homeward has 99 days left on the trail. By the time he gets home, he hopes to have raised $60,000 to help bring fatherless children into permanent families. What would $60,000 accomplish? It would–
Create 24 adoption grants.
Help place 24+ children into families.
Allow 24+ children to be known and cherished.
Mirror the Gospel and what Jesus has done for us.

Adoption isn’t for everyone, but all believers are called to care for the fatherless.

It isn’t possible for everyone to adopt. It isn’t possible for everyone to hike the Appalachian Trail! But we can all do something with the talents and dreams we’ve been given–to make eternal investments with temporal gifts. Would you consider praying for Homeward today? And would you consider contributing something to his effort?