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When we started the adoption process we really had no idea where all the money was coming from. It was one of my personal reasons for not considering it for a long time. The cost was nearly an entire year’s worth of salary. We are on the low income end of the wage spectrum, actually, but we have always been blessed with plenty. Plenty of food on the table, plenty of time to love each other. The Lord has blessed us abundantly, and when Paul and I felt drawn to adopt, we knew we already had His blessing in the area of finances too.

In every step along the way, He has proven Himself faithful to provide all we need financially, emotionally, and physically.

We brought four-year-old Asher home in April of 2015, nearly a year ago. It has been an incredible year. This little boy is so full of life, so smart, so funny. He truly wants to be a son, wants a Daddy and a Mommy. We have had the normal bumps along the way as Asher learns what it looks like to be part of a family, and as we learn how to best parent Asher. We are so thankful that we have not had the pressure of debt incurred during the adoption process added on top of the stress of transition as a family of five.
Lifesong was great because they helped provide a “legit” way to receive donations. While we did receive anonymous cash donations in our mailbox, not everyone is comfortable doing this. Partnering with Lifesong was a way for people donating larger amounts to receive tax documentation, which for some, is a really big benefit. The matching grant was also a seed that created more excitement and a sense of partnership.
Instead of the usual 2-3 weeks ’til travel, we only had 10 days from Travel Approval to being in China. The amount in our Lifesong account was just what we needed to pay our final bill! We were also able to book the international tickets with my parents’ frequent flier miles, which is usually a harder thing as you get closer to the date. I think we booked the last 2 seats on the plane! Those tickets were the final piece of the puzzle that came together before we could travel!

The whole trip was just washed in God’s grace. Nothing that COULD have gone wrong, did. No one got sick, nothing got lost, no paperwork was fudged. It was just an amazing display of His favor and protection.

Thank you for sharing your story, Paul and Cynthia! We are inclined to think you didn’t get “the last 2 seats on the plane,” but rather the 2 seats reserved for you the whole time. We praise the Lord for His goodness in your life via the gift of your precious son! What a joy it will be to watch him grow.

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