Mission Moment I Going Deep

“I get to see workers becoming brothers and sisters!”

– Amech, Farm Manager 

Amech’s Story

Amech started working at Lifesong Farms-Zambia last year. Before coming to the farm, he and his wife served with another mission in Zambia. They felt a strong connection to Lifesong’s vision–

Amech… especially their heart for reaching the community, and that they consider it a privilege to be involved in community work. People come first for Lifesong Farms.

Amech feels so strongly about reaching people that he is determined to live in the same community with fellow workers so he can continue to reach out to them for the purposes of fellowship and discipleship. His face lights up when he says–

“I get to see workers becoming brothers and sisters!”

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His wife is a teacher. She, too, has a heart for people. She teaches the ladies at Lifesong Farms to speak English and write so they can read the Bible for themselves.

Every Monday Lifesong Farms-Zambia meets for Bible study and prayer.  


Mary’s Story

Mary began working at Lifesong Farm in 2011. She is the single mother of 8 children, 6 of whom attend Lifesong School.

“I thank God for Lifesong School. The teachers are godly and care about my children.”

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Working at Lifesong Farm, Mary has learned more than how to grow better crops. She has also learned how to read and how to live. She is thankful for her bosses and the people who love her and take an interest in her future. 

“Working at the farm helps me take care of my family. I thank God for my job and Lifesong because I can take care of my family with the salary I am paid.”

Lifesong Farms

The farms exist to serve the people by utilizing the land that–much like the people–is full of potential. With the support of Plant Sciences, Inc., the farms grow strawberries and other berries, selling them to local grocers. The jobs made available by fruit harvesting provide self worth and sustenance to caregivers, enabling them to care for their children as well as orphans in the community.

Please join us in praying for the country of Zambia and the staff at Lifesong Farms. We praise God for this exciting ministry and the work our Heavenly Father is doing there.  

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