Wait Gain: 5 Truths for Seasons of Waiting


It doesn’t sound hard, and yet it can be excruciating. Though the word implies sitting still, waiting requires more action than virtually any other assignment from God.

Whether you are waiting on adoption or fostering news, or whether you are waiting for something else entirely, here are 5 truths for this season in your life.


1. God wants us to pray.

If the direct command to do so (1 Thessalonians 5:17) isn’t enough, the Bible bears a conveyor belt of illustrations that show prayer to be essential. Abraham prayed for Sodom. Moses interceded for Israel. Elijah entreated for prophets. Nehemiah requested for Jerusalem. Paul implored for Philippi. And each prayer was key in accomplishing God’s will. Our mission: Ask! And ask again!


2. God keeps His promises.

This is no small achievement since the Bible holds nearly 7,500 of them. What are some of these guarantees? The Lord will give strength to His people (Psalm 29:11). There is no want to them that fear Him (Psalm 34:9). God is a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). If we pray in God’s name for God’s will to be done, we will never be disappointed. No matter how long the day may be or how dark the night, our God has promised us an end to our season of waiting.


3. God remembers us 24/7.

Because God is both omniscient and omnipresent, we can never stray outside His thoughts. He does not need to be reminded, prompted, nudged, or nagged. He wants to hear from us in prayer, but not so that He can be “brought up to speed” or told again what needs to be done on our behalf. He hasn’t forgotten our needs. He is more aware of them than we are. And He is committed to helping us.


4. God knows best.

If we could see from God’s view and through His eyes, we would not fear tomorrow. We would know with certainty that the sovereign God of Heaven rules perfectly every day and in every decision, even when we are discouraged. Truth: If we had God’s knowledge and God’s power and God’s love, we would choose for us what He has chosen for us every single time.


5. God delights in writing good endings.

Hannah prayed for a child. God didn’t just eventually give Hannah a baby. He gave her a son who would be instrumental in bringing revival, who would be both judge and prophet—responsible for anointing Israel’s kings, one of whom would become the man after God’s own heart. Don’t know the ending of your story yet? Hang on. God is writing your story.