Serving Children in Uganda


Uganda is currently host to more than 123,000 South Sudanese who have fled civil war. Most of these are women and children. Due to the civil and social unrest, children often suffer neglect as well as sexual and physical abuse. Specifically in rural areas, as many as 33% of girls are married by age 15, making child marriage and pregnancy all too common.

Population: 43,860,951

Capital: Kampala

Religion: Roman Catholic (39.3%), Anglican (32%), Muslim (13.7%) Pentecostal/Evangelical (11.1%), Seventh Day Adventist (1.7%)

Language: English and Ganda


Ministry Overview

We work with local leaders to end generational poverty through Jesus Christ.

We want abandoned and orphaned children in Uganda to grow up knowing they are loved and wanted. Specifically, we want to share the love of Christ with them and for them to know there is never a day they weren’t loved by our family and our Heavenly Father.


Areas of Focus

Since 2007, we have worked to support vulnerable children by giving them the love of Christ and creating sustainable community development interventions in local impoverished communities.

Our ministry partners offer quality education based on Christian principles as well as two meals per day to the poorest, most vulnerable children in their communities.

We currently serve 80 orphaned children in the boarding section of the Grace Christian School. These students have their daily needs met in the context of a loving, Christian home environment.

We maintain several discipleship groups and opportunities for the boarding students as well as the adults who participate in the ministry. Through discipleship, we cover assurance of salvation, Bible reading plans, good Christian books, and other life changing biblical principles.

Through ministry partners in Bukeka, the Suubi Medical Center provides health care to an average of 16,000 patients every year. Treating everything from broken legs to malaria cases and much more.

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