Serving Children in Liberia


Liberia, located on the West African coast, was still in the process of recovering from a 14-year civil war when Ebola created a new challenge in 2014. Many children died, and others who survived lost one or both parents. Children were forced to leave home, and those whose parents or siblings died were suddenly shunned. Liberia is still experiencing a new wave of orphans similar to the one caused by war.

Population: 4,818,428

Capital: Monrovia

Religion: Christian (85.6%), Muslim (12.2%)

Language: English (20%), 20 ethnic group languages (few of which can be written)

Percent of people living on less than $3.10/day: 89.61%


Ministry Overview

We help to meet the basic needs of food, clothing, and safe drinking water to orphans and vulnerable children, while giving them Gospel-centered care and education.

Liberia is the 4th poorest country in the world with 85% of its population surviving on less than $2 a day. So the needs of the country–and of ministry–are great. These include education, medical care, agriculture, special needs therapy, jobs and job training, and ministering to orphans and street children.


Areas of Focus

Since 2009 we have worked with Liberian nationals who are passionate about rescuing and caring for destitute and abandoned children.

Around 40 children live in a group setting at two different homes in Liberia. They range in age from 5-20 years old. Lifesong Liberia provides food, clothing, education and medical care for the children who live here. Each site has resident matrons, or caregivers, who are responsible for the care and well-being of the children.

All of our children attend church on a regular basis, and many of the older ones are directly involved in church activities, including singing in choir, playing musical instruments, teaching younger children and being on the dance team. Devotional activities are a part of each day at our homes, sometimes led by the older children. Additionally, caregivers, other staff, and volunteers work to mentor the kids, encouraging them in their life of faith in Christ and helping them deal with the many challenges they face, especially as they grow older.

Both of our homes have schools on campus which serve not only the resident children, but children from the surrounding communities. Our schools have a Christian focus while following the Liberian national school curriculum. These schools provide education for nursery through 6th grade. Students who are in grades 7-12 attend various Junior High and High Schools in nearby communities. Both of our homes also have libraries where students can study, do research and read for pleasure.

The water packaging business, named Lifesong Water is providing some sustainability for Lifesong Liberia. Filtered water is packaged into small, handheld bags and then packed into larger units of 200 bags. These large bags are sold to various churches, businesses, and other entities. Safe drinking water is still a challenge in Liberia, and these bags are essential, especially in the dry season.

Our teens have the opportunity to participate in vocational classes two to three times a week after school hours. Classes cover a variety of topics and provide hands-on experiences and training. Computer education, agriculture, carpentry, cosmetology, hair care and design, baking and catering, electricity, interior decoration, and music are some of the subjects that have been offered. The vocational program is held five days a week in the summer months.

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“The children in our care are no longer orphans, but have become sons and daughters!”

Emmanuel JonesFounder & Director