Dyness’s Miracle

In Zambia, 4 in 10 girls don’t attend high school, let alone graduate. Many girls marry before they reach age 18 or rely on prostitution in order to survive. Born and raised in Zambia, Dyness was on track to become one of those statistics. But God had different plans.

This is her story.



19-year-old Dyness is looked up to by the children around her. Fun to be around, she knows how to make people smile and have a good time. But life hasn’t always been easy for Dyness–far from it.

With money tight and her mom focused on putting food on the table, Dyness dropped out of school in third grade. By the time she came to Lifesong School in 2012–wanting to enroll in sixth grade–she was badly behind in her studies.

She desperately wanted to advance in her education, yet she was disrespectful to her teachers and didn’t want any help from others. Eventually, she was suspended from Lifesong School and went back to the Compound, a village known for drunkenness and fighting.



At the Compound, she had a life-changing experience that turned her to Christ. And after accepting Christ as her Savior, Dyness returned to school and boarding. While other schools would have never let her return, the grace shown by the teachers and staff at Lifesong showed her that she was fully accepted as a daughter.

She began praying daily that God would give her a love for other people and help her meet the expectations at school. And God answered. He began to work in Dyness’s heart. So much so that she became known as a role model for her fellow students.

The light and love of Christ continue to shine through her in unmistakable ways.

Her dream?–to start a business someday that would enable her to help children the way Lifesong–and people like you–have helped her. Dyness is a joy to everyone around her. And her future is brighter than ever.

In her words–

God has worked in a tremendous way … just like a miracle.

This Christmas, you have the opportunity to help girls like Dyness. Because of God’s promise in Psalm 68–

“God is a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows…He is in His holy dwelling and He sets the lonely in families.”

–we are asking for a gift of $68. No matter how much you give, you are joining in helping children heal, preparing them with education, and sharing the Good News that they too are sons and daughters.

Your gift will be matched up to $25,000 if given by December 31st, helping twice as many children.

Help reach more girls in Zambia.