She Can Sing! | Tanzania Update

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Enjoy this update from our Tanzania team–

Doricas is 14 years old and was recently rescued after spending a number of years living with other children on the streets of Mwanza. Doricas has little memory of her mother who, from what she was told, left Doricas and her father sometime after Doricas was born and simply never returned. In 2008, Doricas’s father became ill and went to a local hospital to seek treatment. He subsequently died at the hospital and Doricas was left without any parents and no extended family who wanted or could afford to take in this 6-year-old girl. 

From that point, every day was spent wandering around scavenging for food and clothes and possibly a family who’d be willing to take her in. She lived in a small slum area for several years, hopping between families who would take her in for a short time, but ultimately ended up on the streets with other children in similar circumstances. Pastor Ngussa found her last last year out in the streets and offered her the opportunity to come be a part of the family at TCRC.  


Doricas accepted the offer and has begun to get acquainted with the children and families at TCRC since her arrival. She’s back in school and catching up after many years of not attending. She’s a bit shy like many girls her age, but has taken an interest in singing and enjoys singing in Sunday worship and being part of the TCRC choir.

He executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and shows His love … by giving [them] food and clothing.
–Deuteronomy 10:18