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25 (Helpful!) Kids Books About Adoption

  Looking for the right words when talking to your child about adoption? Sometimes reading books with our kids allows us to say things in unique or helpful ways. Here are 25 adoption-centered books. Hint: If you want to preview the …

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Why “The Least of These” Matter Most

Bible scholars have argued the identity of “the least of these” for decades. Is Matthew 25 referring to the world’s most destitute, or is it instructing believers to care for fellow Christians in need? Either way, both interpretations of “the least of these” have sufficient …

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5 Ways to Involve Your Family in Caring for Orphans

Because children learn best by example, there is no better way to teach them about God’s heart for orphans than by caring–as a family–about fatherless children. Here are 5 ways we can lead our children by example. 1. Advocate Let’s …

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“Just Like a Miracle” | Mission Moment

Today, nearly 1,300 orphaned and vulnerable children are sponsored through Lifesong every month by people just like you. As a result, each of these sponsored children receives food, education, and Gospel-centered care. Dyness is one of these children. Here is …

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How Grandparents Can Support Adoption

One of the most impactful yet easily-overlooked influences in an adopted child’s life comes from the grandparents. . A grandparent’s support (or lack thereof) can make a world of difference in the life of a child. Here are five important …

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How This Labor Day Could Benefit Your Adoption

This Monday is Labor Day. And since no details are wasted on the adoption journey, we can safely assume even this holiday could benefit your adoption. Here are a few ways that could happen– . 1. Bond as a family. …

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Good News from Ethiopia!

We are excited to share what God is doing in Ethiopia with your prayer and support. On Friday, our team in Ethiopia successfully distributed food supply for 500 refugee households! Specifically, they delivered rice and cooking oil–rice being a major …

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We Have Exciting News for You!

Earlier this year we refreshed our logo. Today, we are excited to show you our all-new website, designed with YOU in mind. Our goal, quite simply, is that this website refresh will better connect you with the people we serve, …

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Okayest Mom: A Review & Giveaway

Many (most?) moms have a tidy life plan when it comes to their home and family. … And if we’re honest, adopting children can throw those tidy plans into utter chaos. Such was the case for Natalie Gwyn, author of …

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Adopt With The Help Of Your Church

Because of you, over 6,500 orphaned and vulnerable children have become sons and daughters through adoption. Thank you for continuing to give so that families–like the Tubergen family–can bring children into their home. Here is their story.      …

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