There for a Reason | An Update from Uganda

Patrick and his friend complete an art project in school.

By the time Patrick* turned 10 years old,

he had been rejected, abandoned, and mistreated by his mother, father, and two aunts. More than once, he was told to leave home.

After fleeing from guardian to guardian, a neighbor finally welcomed Patrick into her home and encouraged him to come to church with her.

But there came a time when Patrick was asked to leave her home too. For the fifth time in his life, Patrick was abandoned, alone, and vulnerable.

Because of his connection to the church,

Patrick came to our team at Drops of Grace in Uganda and asked for help. He had only the shirt on his back with him and needed a place to stay and food to eat.

What he didn’t realize is that ever since he started coming to church many months ago, God had led our team to believe Patrick was there for a reason.

Michelle, a ministry leader in Uganda, shared—

“For months before bringing him into our program, I felt the Lord telling me that Patrick needed to be in our program and that God had brought him into our lives for a reason.”

When Patrick arrived, an annual medical camp was taking place. Providers set up a clinic in our school where over 1,000 community members received medical care at no cost. They were treated by doctors, dentists, and occupational therapists, and 32 decisions for Christ were made.

Patrick also attended the clinic, was given a place to stay in the boys’ dormitory, and now attends school with the other children at our campus.

The program has made a big difference in Patrick’s life in a short amount of time.

He feels at home, receives regular meals, loves the friends he’s made, and enjoys attending school on a consistent basis. Every teacher makes comments celebrating what a kind soul he is and shares how well he participates in class.

In the future, Patrick will have the opportunity alongside hundreds of other children to participate in Vacation Bible School activities and community outreach.

Children in Uganda participate in a Vacation Bible School activity.

In Michelle’s words—

“Patrick is thriving in the constant love being shown to him in the name of Jesus. The joy in his face says it all.

*Patrick’s name has been changed for his protection.

Will you help orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda know the love of Jesus?