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Family Friday

When we began the process to adopt, we were overwhelmed at the thought of the cost (to say the least!) …

A good friend of ours, who is also an adoptive father, said that when he was adopting he had this thought:

“I have a daughter in China and I MUST get her no matter what. If someone kidnapped any of my children and demanded a huge ransom, I would sell everything and do whatever it took to ransom their freedom. Be prepared for this mindset to grip you.”

That thought alone gripped our hearts the moment we heard it. We stepped forward with trepidation, prayerfully asking God to provide and affirm our choice to adopt. And wow was He more than faithful!
When we did our Both Hands project, it was the most amazing experience to see so many of our friends and family come alongside us in support. The day of our project felt like the true kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. We had over 50 people of all ages come out to help Ms. June. We worked hard and left exhausted and overjoyed. We spoke with Ms. June the next day and she said, “I kept waking up in the night thinking, ‘Did that really just happen to ME?'”
We loved serving Ms. June, but even more, we were blown away by the funds that we raised. We raised over $19,000 through our Both Hands project alone. Then several weeks later, we got a call from our church saying that an anonymous donor wanted to give $10,000 to our adoption! WOW!!!

Our entire adoption was funded by the hands of generous, life-giving people.

Looking back

We look back on our three-and-a-half year adoption journey and think, “Never once did we ever walk alone.” Through the sometimes unbearable wait, the moments of frustration over paperwork or timelines, the fears over being so far away from our precious daughter, we can’t help but look back and say that He was faithful all the while. He blessed our family immensely and opened doors along the way in His perfect timing.
We have had 2 months at home with our daughter, and we are filled with joy daily in getting to know her. She has blossomed in HUGE ways already, and we feel like the luckiest people in the world to witness God’s redeeming work in her life daily. God is GOOD.

Jonathan and Lindsey, thank YOU for your radiant, confident testimony in the faithful goodness of God. We rejoice with you for how He provided … and we trust with you that His kind provision will continue in your family as you raise your daughter for God’s glory.

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