When you provide micro-business opportunities for orphan caregivers and orphan graduates, you help develop independence and self-worth in individuals who long for a hopeful future.


Austin received just one of the 70 total micro-loans given to help build small business opportunities for the caregivers of orphans. Austin started with a $20 loan, repaid it and moved to a $40 loan, repaid it and is now at $150 loan for his chicken business. Austin is ecstatically proud of his work and ability to NOW be providing food and a home for his kids!


These loans are given out of the Zambia general operating budget and when a loan is repaid with 7.9% interest rate, (Zambian banks charge 22-25%) the money goes back into the general budget. This extra money generated through loans helps us increase the standard of living for the students we serve.



How to Provide Zambia Micro-Business Loans


Micro-Loan Program

Give a $20 loan to create a job for a parent/caregiver.



Raising Chickens

Our school in Zambia currently uses $200 worth of eggs every month. Chicken is a popular food, great sustainable business option, and a wide-open sales market. We would like to construct a simple building to raise broiler chickens and laying chickens. The layers would supply the school with the needed eggs, and the broilers would be both consumed by the students and sold in the market.

Give $200 to help support raising chickens.